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Guess what happened to me at work today?
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This is a community where you can tell others about the crazy stuff that happens to you at work. Ranting is welcomed, but mostly stories about stupid customers, stupid co-workers, stupid bosses, and just general weird things are good. If you have a very strange job (ie. swallowing worms for a scientific study) give the rest of us a clue as to what your job normally includes. Do try and watch your spelling and please, keep racial comments to a minimum, or better yet, keep them to yourself. Bad language is fine, but talking like "kthxbye" and so on will get you kicked repeatedly in the head. If your post is going to be super long, please lj-cut it. You don't need to make your entry friends only, but if you would like to, go ahead. Have fun and have a better day at work tomorrow!
~Your mod, impudent_twilek