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22 December 2005 @ 03:06 pm
Here's one which happened yesterday-and-today:

A couple of weeks ago, a man came in to apply for work.Collapse )
16 December 2005 @ 09:57 pm
My God, what makes customers dumber around Christmas time than other times of the year? Perhaps its the alcoholic egg nog being passed around.
29 November 2005 @ 11:56 am

I just joined this community over the weekend. Short bio (you can see my LJ homepage for more):

I'm the HR/Training Manager for a large manufacturer in Salt Lake City UT. I have 2 assistants. We employ an incredibly diverse workforce; about 400 people from something like 37 different nationalities and/or tribal allegiance work here. Our attendance sheet looks like roll-call at the UN.

Most of our employees are hard-working, dedicated, and do all the right things. But there are more than a few who drive me nuts. I often wonder if "Human Resources" is simply biz-speak for "Adult Day Care"!!
18 November 2005 @ 06:39 pm
Did I mention?

I have three jobs now (along with school. no life for me. yay.)

I've been thinking a lot about these various occupations. They're all quite unique in their own ways, they all have their ups and downs,

Job #1: Library worker
hrs/week: 5-10
pay rate: $7.80
Start Date: January 2003

Job Description: shelving books, collecting books left around the library, scanning them, organizing them, shelving them again. also going through and making sure books are in call number order. occasional dusting. Complete all of the above. Repeat. You'll get the rare odd-job project every now and then, and these must be done as slowly and carefully as possible in order to prolong the moment when you will have to go back to dealing with books. I once spent half a year creating power point shows of the complete job handbook and overly complicated tasks involved in the job.

Job #2: Assistant to a Professor
hrs/week: 5
pay rate: $10
Start date: october 2005

Job Description: make large amounts of coffee, prepare/set out food and wine for the class, clean up coffee, tables and dishes at the end of the night. The cool part is I can use the class time to do homework. It's been IMMENSELY helpful.

Job #3: Dog wrangler
hrs/week: 28
pay rate: $9.50
start date: September 2004

Job description: BEST JOB EVER! extremely stressful at times, but fantastically rewarding. even when I get "a real job", I still want to work at least one day a week here, just to see the pups.

...... I'm also working on editing a manuscript at the moment, but it's kinda on and off, no set hours, and I don't know yet what I'll be getting paid for it. (Does this even count as a job then? I don't know. )

anyhoo. there's the skinny. Or the fat, I guess; it was a long entry, after all.
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17 November 2005 @ 02:37 pm
My night job (Wendy's) did kind of suck like I thought it would, but not because I was tired. I wasn't very tired at all which was awesome! I had to be at the first window where the money is taken though. While not taking money, my job is to wash dishes, so I end up running to the window with wet hands. I heard it got down to 17 degrees tonight. There was a plus side to it being cold, however. These 2 guys came through and ordered a combo. They came to the window and paid with a credit card. After I had already run the card, the one guy asked if they could add something. I said "Umm....sure, no problem." Hoping they had cash so I wouldn't have to run their card again and have to be standing in the cold for that much longer. They added a large frosty which is $1.39. They apologized for wanting to add stuff, gave me a $5 and told me to keep the change. Now I have laundry money! :P
17 November 2005 @ 03:52 am
This isn't at all exciting, or really a story even, but it's about work :P I just now started working a second job. Since I need a lot of sleep I was wondering if I was going to be able to do it. The only reason I agreed to is because my old job begged me to stay. Anywho, Monday night I worked 5pm-2am at the older job and then Tuesday I worked 10am-3pm at the new one. The old job called me in that night because they were short staffed, so I worked 7pm-1:30am. After the day shift job, I was already exhausted. I got to the second one and could barely think straight, it was a miserable night. Today however, I worked 10-3 again after work 5-1:30 the night before and I'm not tired at all. I find this very exciting since I have another 5-2 ahead of me tonight :)
14 November 2005 @ 03:33 pm
Have you ever seen a basset hound get steam-rolled by an overweight, hyperactive yellow lab?

Well I have.

And dagnabbit, I wish I'd gotten that on camera.


Name: Kris. (aka Shortkid, aka The Hobbit)
Place of employ: Run 'em Ragged Doggie Daycare
Occupation: Dog wrangler

(check out the website! www.runemragged.com
I have two words for you: photos and webcam! )
I teach in East San Jose on Tuesday afternoons. It's a place that has a large Hispanic and Vietnamese population. That really has nothing to do with this story, but I thought that it's an interesting combination. I basically go into classrooms during school time and teach a lesson of art to the students. The lessons that I teach usually take an hour to teach, and even then it's difficult to finish the lesson. At this school I have about 50 minutes to teach the lessons. Also at this school, we teach in a classroom 2 times before we switch to another classroom.
So now that I've set the scene.... This was the second time that this classroom had been taught in. I had not been there the first time, as I was getting horrible oral surgery done instead. So I go to the classroom and set up all the papers, pencils and so on. The teacher didn't ask me if I needed any help, which didn't bother me. The students I was teaching were 1st graders. They all come into the classroom after recess and the teacher spends 5 minutes of MY teaching time making them all sit in squares on a rug in front of me. Ok, thats fine.... I guess I will not teach all the details.
A little boy says to the teacher, "Teacher, William hit me." What does the teacher do? Does she ask William why he hit the boy? Does she say that we don't allow hitting in school? No. She tells the first boy to hit William back. Yes. I swear on all that is holy. She said that. So the first boy hits William on the arm. The teacher asks, "Do you feel better?" The boy nods, while William rubs his arm. "Don't you see that it's better to talk first instead of hitting?" the teacher asks. The boy shakes his head, confused. I had no idea what to say at that point. I have no idea what the lesson was in that. I'm still amazed at this, even though this happened a few weeks ago.
14 November 2005 @ 12:28 pm
At my telemarketing job, there is a guy that we call Tim2 (there is another Tim there too) The atmosphere in the room where we work is very relaxed and we chat a lot. We also have weird toys and things. My sister works there as well, and we are the only women who work there. There are 4 guys there, and I'm sure that you can see where this is going. Boys + toys = mayhem.
So Tim2 is about 23. Not a bad age, but it can be an idealistic one for some people. So he has these grand ideas about how the world should work. He talks about how there are no mental diseases, such as Bipolarism, or ADD (which I happen to have, although not enough for meds). I try not to worry about it when he says things like that. He drinks about 4 pounds of juice a day, and is now considerably orange. He is a stoner and a health nut. But a nut mostly. He talks about his personal beliefs and reminds me of an ex boyfriend that I had that used to tell me that I "knew", deep down that veganism was the right thing for humans... all humans. That every human knew this, but resisted the knowledge. Yeah. Sure. You keep thinking that.
So most of the day, he throws toys around the office. At my head. We have a sticky spider that he threw at me which hit a cup of soda, knocking it over and ruining a bunch of our paperwork. Then, while I'm on the phone, he puts a bug toy on my head. I guess he thinks that I'm a typical girl and I will scream and lose the sale I'm working on. Or something. Then if he's not throwing things at me, he rolls his chair across the room and into my chair. Not softly. Honestly, it's like I'm working with an 8 year old who has a crush on me and doesn't know how to show it. Luckily for me, the job is over for at least a few weeks and maybe indefinetly. So I don't get to work with a child anymore! (Actually, he's not so much annoying as slightly amusing. Very slightly.)
12 November 2005 @ 12:24 pm
I have two jobs. At one I'm a teacher, at the other I'm a telemarketer. Not one of the ones where they won't leave you alone, but a nice one. Really, I swear. Or at least I'm nice as long as I'm treated like a human being.
So I called this lady and asked for "Barbara" She asked if this was a sales call. I introduced myself, "Hi, this is Kathy with the San Jose Repertory Theater." She said in a very bitchy tone of voice, "This is a sales call and we are on the do not call list. That's a nice hefty fine for you there." And as she was hanging up, I did so as well. I wasn't sure at the time, but I was later told that the national do not call list doesn't include non-profit companies. Which we are. So yay! No real fines for me! And I really want to call that bitch back and tell her so, but I think I will restrain myself. I get about 10 bitchy people a week that will either hang up on me, cuss at me, threaten me or whatever. Honestly, the hanging up doesn't bother me, but the cussing... that gets to me. Can't wait for this job to be over somedays....