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14 April 2006 @ 03:22 pm
This happened a few days ago  
I taught at Christopher Elementary last week and I had the funniest time ever! I walked in and there were a huge amount of people in the room, who I was told, were all going to leave before I had to teach. I started the class and about halfway through the first cartoon, I heard some very loud ballet folklorico music. We were in the cafeteria and their is a stage in there too, like most elementary schools. I looked over and saw about 20 5th of 6th graders on the stage. My students told me that they were going to practice a dance. I thought, "Wow... This is going to suck." But I had no idea how much it would suck. I kept teaching and suddenly I heard the loudest racket I have ever heard while I was teaching. Apparently, all the dancing kids had two paddles that they were smashing together like claves. They hit them together every second for about 30 seconds straight, making so much noise that I couldn't hear myself trying to talk over them. At this point, I was yelling the directions to the kids and at one time, I stopped teaching altogether and started laughing at how ridiculus the situation was. The kids told me to just keep drawing and they would follow along, even though they couldn't hear at all. The dancers went through their song about 3 times. Each song had 3 sections of stick hitting in it, each about 30 seconds long. They finally left just as the kids started using sharpies(the second to last step in the drawing class). Apparently, this had been going on for a few weeks and no one bothered to tell me about it. And when I called Vinhquan (my boss) to tell her how it went, she was totally shocked. Apparently, Bryan (the previous teacher) didn't think it was important to tell either her or me what was happening.
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glynisrossmunro on June 28th, 2008 07:28 pm (UTC)
That totally sucked
Makes you want to smack someone with the paddles.


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Thanks :) Glynis